Château Corbin

In each and every vintage, the wines of Château Corbin are the fruit of true luxury craftsmanship.

Carefully tended vines, a meticulous selection of the grape bunches and slow barrel ageing are prerequisites in the Corbin method to ensure longevity in its wines.

Each vintage is a journey of its own, in which the senses travel to and fro between elegance and complexity.

DIVIN de Corbin
& XX de Corbin

Just like the First Wine of Corbin, the flavoursome DIVIN de Corbin and XX de Corbin are made from a very rigorous selection process. They benefit from the same care and attention as the First Wine.

Their ageing process is simply shorter, since these Second Wines are bottled during the summer following the harvest, so as to preserve all the freshness of their fruit flavour.